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Lightweight compilation of (C)LP to JavaScript

We present and evaluate a compiler from Prolog (extensions) to JavaScript which makes it possible to use (constraint) logic programming to develop the client side of web applications while being compliant with current industry standards. Targeting JavaScript makes (C)LP programs executable in virtually every modern computing device with no additional software requirements from the point of view of the user. In turn, the use of a very high-level language facilitates the development of high-quality, complex software. The compiler is a back end of the Ciao system and supports most of its features, including its module system and extension mechanism. We demonstrate the maturity of the compiler by testing it with complex code such as a CLP(FD) library written in Prolog with attributed variables. Finally, we validate our proposal by measuring the performance of some LP and CLP(FD) benchmarks running on top of major JavaScript engines.

A Language for End-user Web Augmentation: Caring for Producers and Consumers Alike

This work advocates for the use of Domain Specific Languages to empower hobby programmers to achieve their own scripts for Web Augmentation (a special kind of applications to customize web pages). The work follows Mernik’s methodology whereby the DSL is gradually constructed from the feature model to the concrete syntax.

DSL-2-Browser: Un ejemplo de ejecución de un lenguaje específico del dominio en un navegador

En este trabajo se expone, mediante un ejemplo, la viabilidad de ejecutar un DSL en un navegador web. Para ello se ha usado principalmente Xtext y GWT sobre el caso concreto de un DSL de visualizacíon de datos. Aunque la propuesta se realiza a través de un ejemplo concreto, es posible su generalizacíon para otros DSL.