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A Comparison of Message Brokers for Telerehabilitation Systems

Providing telerehabilitation services entails a lot of challengessuch as the variety of sensors to be used, the amount of data generated,oering real-time feedback to patients or the need of asynchronous communication.However, a typical Cloud Infrastructure would miss harddeadlines due latency on the network. Edge Computing plays a fundamentalrole in this scenario as it moves processing closer to the user, wipingout this delay while still needing to face the aforementioned challenges.Among the most well known patterns to be used for addressing suchchallenges we nd message brokers. Considering the relevance of messagebrokers as an alternative for the development of telerehabilitation systems,their selection becomes a critical issue. For this reason, in this paper wepresent a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the most well knownmessage brokers considering both aspects.

Autores: Blas Gómez / Elena Navarro / 
Palabras Clave: Edge Computing - Message brokers - Qualitative Analysis - Quantitative Analysis - Telerehabilitation systems

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