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SOA4All Integrated Ranking A Preference-based, Holistic Implementation

There exist many available service ranking implementations, each one providing ad hoc preference models that offer different levels of expressiveness. Consequently, applying a single implementation to a particular scenario constrains the user to define preferences based on the underlying formalisms. Furthermore, preferences from different ranking implementation’s model cannot be combined in general, due to interoperability issues. In this article we present an integrated ranking implementation that enables the combination of three different ranking implementations developed within the EU FP7 SOA4All project. Our solution has been developed using PURI, a Preference-based Universal Ranking Integration framework that is based on a common, holistic preference model that allows to exploit synergies from the integrated ranking implementations, offering a single user interface to define preferences that acts as a fa¸cade to the integrated ranking implementation.

Autores: José María García / David Ruiz / Antonio Ruiz-Cortés / 
Palabras Clave: Preference Models - Ranking Tools - Semantic Web Services - Systems Integration

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