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Rich contextual information for monitoring the elderly in an early stage of cognitive impairment

Artículo relevante ya publicado. Revista de publicación: Pervasive and Mobile Computing Available online : 24 May 2016 Numero: 34 Páginas: 106 – 125 DOI: Factor de impacto: JCR 2.079, SJR 0.872, IPP 2.289, SNIP 2.051 Abstract: With the increase in the elderly population, there is a concomitant growth in the number of cases of cognitive impairment. The early stages of these disorders can cause the elderly difficulties in performing their daily activities. To improve their independence while keeping their caregivers informed, this paper presents a monitoring system that focuses on the use of rich contextual information to detect a wide variety of a cognitively impaired persons routines and deviations from those routines. A detailed architecture of the system is presented together with an in-depth description of the algorithms for the identification of routines and deviations. In an experimental test with students, the algorithms identified some 91% of the routines and some 96% of the deviations.

Autores: Javier Berrocal / Jose García-Alonso / Juan Manuel Murillo Rodríguez / Carlos Canal / 
Palabras Clave: Contextual information - Eldercare - Identification of routines - Sociological Profiles

People as a Service: a mobile-centric model for providing collective sociological profiles

Mobile devices have become increasingly popular in the everyday life of many individuals. By taking an insight into the most common uses of mobile devices we clearly appreciate that accessing internetbased services has grown greatly. This, and the fact that they are extremely personal gadgets has turned them into the main interface used by individuals to express themselves towards the outside world and to receive information from others. As a result of the highly personal use, mobile devices have been granted the potential to become unrivaled devices for building and storing the virtual profiles of their owners. Access to such profiles is of great interest in fields such as governance, health, smart cities, etc. Generating a centralized profile of a user is a task upon which a lot of interest has been put in the field of social mining. Peopleas-a-Service (PeaaS) is a computing model that seeks to establish the foundations upon which technologies that rely on mobile-centric computing models for social purposes should evolve.

Autores: Jose Garcia-Alonso / Javier Miranda / Javier Berrocal / Juan Manuel Murillo / Carlos Canal / 
Palabras Clave: Mobile devices - People as a Service - Sociological Profiles

JET: A Proof of Concept Enabling Mobile Devices as Personal Profile Providers

In recent years smartphone users have increased the number of cloud services and platforms used from them. These platforms and services are usually used, by users, to interact with others people and, by
the mobile telephony firms, to create a sociological profile of the people and, thus, achieving a more adapted advertising. However, the information uploaded to these platforms is usually very similar. Uploading it to every platform entails an irrational consumption of the device resources.
But, if it is not the same, the sociological profiles created could be inconsistent. The capabilities of current smartphones enable them to keep all the owner’s information and to provide services for accessing it. To achieve such paradigm shift new tools and platforms are needed. This paper reports a proof of concept of a mobile application that creates and stores the sociological profiles of their users, allowing them to send messages based on those profiles. The use of this new paradigm reduces the consumption of the smartphone resources and facilitates the creation of comprehensive sociological profiles.

Autores: Javier Berrocal / Carlos Canal / Jose Garcia-Alonso / Niko Mäkitalo / Tommi Mikkonen / Javier Miranda / Juan M. Murillo / 
Palabras Clave: mobile computing - Smartphones - Sociological Profiles

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