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PTL: A Prolog-based Model Transformation Language

In this paper we present a model transformation language based on logic programming. The language, called PTL (Prolog-based Transformation Language), can be considered as an hybrid language in which ATL-style rules are combined with logic rules for defining transformations. ATL-style rules are used to define mappings from source models to target models while logic rules are used as helpers. The proposal has been implemented so that a Prolog program is automatically obtained from a PTL program. We have equipped our language with debugging and tracing capabilities which help developers to detect programming errors in PTL rules.

Analysis of the Scientific Production of the Spanish Software Engineering Community

Our group has been working on a report for the SpanishúSociety of Software Engineering and Software Development Technologies (SISTEDES) to provide a general overview of the Spanish scientificúproduction and its contributions worldwide in the field of Software Engineering. Although a Database solution could have been used, we decidedúto employ Model-Driven Development (MDD) techniques in order toúevaluate their applicability, suitability and fitness for these kinds of purposes, and to learn from the experience in this domain, which combinesúdata integration, large scale models, and complex queries.