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An Online Tool for Unfolding Symbolic Fuzzy Logic Programs (Demostración)

In many declarative frameworks, unfolding is a very well-known semantics-preserving transformation technique based on the application of computational steps on the bodies of program rules for improving efficiency. In this paper we describe an online tool which allows us to unfold a symbolic extension of a modern fuzzy logic language where program rules can embed concrete and/or symbolic fuzzy connectives and truth degrees on their bodies. The system offers a comfortable interaction with users for unfolding symbolic programs and it also provides useful options to navigate along the sequence of unfolded programs. Finally, the symbolic unfolding transformation is connected with some fuzzy tuning techniques that we previously implemented on the same tool.

Autores: Ginés Moreno / José Antonio Riaza Valverde / 
Palabras Clave: Fuzzy Logic Programming - Software Tools - symbolic execution - Unfolding

Tuning Fuzzy Logic Programs with Symbolic Execution (Trabajo de alto nivel)

Fuzzy logic programming is a growing declarative paradigm aiming to integrate fuzzy logic into logic programming. One of the most difficult tasks when specifying a fuzzy logic program is determining the right weights for each rule, as well as the most appropriate fuzzy connectives and operators. In this paper, we introduce a symbolic extension of fuzzy logic programs in which some of these parameters can be left unknown, so that the user can easily see the impact of their possible values. Furthermore, given a number of test cases, the most appropriate values for these parameters can be automatically computed.

Autores: Ginés Moreno / Jaime Penabab / Germán Vidal / 
Palabras Clave: Fuzzy Logic Programming - symbolic execution - tuning

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