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Quid: A web-based DSL for defining User Interfaces applied to Web Components

User Interface construction is a recurrent topic in Software Engineering: multiples tools ranging from textual, graphical design tools exists to help in this task.On the other hand, the fast pace of front-end industrial frameworks makes such editors tools obsolete as soon as new technology emerges.The work presented here, introduces Quid, a web based DSL with focus on minimal accidental complexity, removing accessory markup and a WUYIWYG environment to provide real-time feedback to users.Moreover, the UI specification built in this way is catalog neutral: in the way its primitives can be extended, and target platform agnostic: using model transformations and code generation for generating software artifacts like Native Web Components or Angular Elements code.

Autores: Pedro J. Molina / 
Palabras Clave: code generation - DSL - MDE - User Interface Design - Web Components - Web DSL - WYSIWYGW

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