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On the Modular Specification of Non-Functional Properties in DSVLs

In previous work we have presented an approach to monitor nonfunctional properties of systems modeled in terms of domain specific visual languages using observers. In this work we present an approach to decouple the definition of observers behavior and systems behavior. Having a library with different kinds of observers behavior, and having the behavioral definition of the system, weaving links can be established among them in order to include observers in the system behavioral specification.

Autores: Javier Troya / Antonio Vallecillo / Francisco Durán / 
Palabras Clave: DSVLs - observers - weaving mechanisms

On the Modular Specification of NFPs: A Case Study

The modular specification of non-functional properties of systems is a current challenge of Software Engineering, for which no clear solution exists. However, in the case of Domain-Specific Languages some successful proposals are starting to emerge, combining model-driven techniques with aspect-weaving mechanisms. In this paper we show one of these approaches in practice, and present the implementation we have developed to fully support it. We apply our approach for the specification and monitoring of non-functional properties using observers to a case study, illustrating how generic observers defining nonfunctional properties can be defined in an independent manner. Then, correspondences between these observers and the domain-specific model of the system can be established, and then weaved into a unified system specification using an ATL model transformation. Such a unified specification can also be analyzed in a natural way to obtain the required non-functional properties of the system.

Autores: Antonio Moreno-Delgado / Javier Troya / Francisco Durán / Antonio Vallecillo / 
Palabras Clave: Domain Specific Languages - model transformations - Non-functional Properties - weaving mechanisms

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